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Revenge longboard trucks are a revolution in torsion skateboard truck technology. These trucks are designed to allow longboard skateboarders a chance to mimic surfing and snowboarding like never before. With patented torsion truck technology, Revenge drastically reduces turning radius and keeps a fluid motion with minimal effort from the rider. The patented external locking mechanism allows for extremely tight turns while reducing the chance of wheel bite. They can perform a full 360 degree 8 foot diameter turn on a 47" board with no riser pads and wheels up to 73mm.

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Koastal Longboards Now Available

Revenge now offers Koastal boards. All the boards are 20% off + Free shipping until the end of the year!   The reason for offering all of Koastal's boards is because Koastal puts Revenge on every board they make. This...

Koastal + Revenge Trucks

NEW VIDEO! Koastal + Revenge Trucks = No Pushing Necessary

New Bushings!

Revenge has finally finalized its 3 bushing types. Soft (Green) - Medium (Red) - Hard (Yellow) These bushings will work with all previous models of Revenge Trucks.